Made in the Shade: The ABCs of Patio Umbrellas

Pop singer Rihanna may tempt you to get under her umbrella, ella, ella, (you get the picture), but tell her no thanks, because all you need to keep shaded and dry can be found right in your own backyard. Patio umbrellas are sometimes overlooked as a boring piece of furniture. On the contrary, there are … Read moreMade in the Shade: The ABCs of Patio Umbrellas

Patio Deck Design

A patio deck, constructed at the back or in front of the home, offers accessible space for informal entertaining and day by day enjoyment of the splendid outdoors. Effective patio deck designs can increase the floor space of your home, such as a patio with private kitchen or dining area, where you can entertain your … Read morePatio Deck Design

Taking the Best Holiday Pet Photos

Taking pictures of your family pet during the holidays can be fun, but you may not always end up with the results you want. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of photographing your pet. Photographing Your Pet If you have a pet in the family, chances are you want them … Read moreTaking the Best Holiday Pet Photos

How To Clean Patio Furniture

There are many different types of materials used for the construction of outdoor patio furniture. Wrought Aluminum, Plastic, Cast Aluminum, Tubular Aluminum, Wicker and Teak are a few of the main materials in patio garden furniture. Aluminum is very popular because it is durable and does not require too much care. Since it generally will … Read moreHow To Clean Patio Furniture

How to Remove Moss from your Deck

Moss grows naturally in damp, shady areas. Once established, it can withstand extreme temperatures and regenerates very quickly. That’s why it may be difficult to remove permanently. Obviously, if you have a newer deck where moss has just appeared, you will have a lot less work to do than someone who has an old deck … Read moreHow to Remove Moss from your Deck

Why Should You Choose Teak Patio Furniture?

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the beauty of teak patio furniture. This is particularly true for those people who care more about the quality of their wooden patio furniture rather than the quantity of it. Teak is an elegant and long lasting wood which grows mostly in Burma, Indonesia and other exotic … Read moreWhy Should You Choose Teak Patio Furniture?

Flagstone Patio Ideas

Flagstone comes in a variety of different colors, shapes, depths, and widths. It’s structure is very unique because almost no two flagstone pieces are alike. Due to this, it is hard to decide yourself, how your flagstone patio will look like. Here are a few ideas that people use when building a patio. The first … Read moreFlagstone Patio Ideas