Flagstone Patios And Walkways

Your dream residence can easily look elegant and beautiful if you construct a walkway in front of your establishment. Whether you have actually your abode in a residential area, a landscape, near the shore of the ocean or even in the woods, covered walkways job well anywhere and everywhere. A concrete walkway can easily boost … Read moreFlagstone Patios And Walkways

What does the new South African smoking law say?

And what you can do to help with the cigarette butt problem. This is an important notification regarding a new Tobacco Law that has been passed. Contained below is a summary of the amendments to the Tobacco Law, which was passed on 31st of August 2009. (Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act, No. 23 of 2007) … Read moreWhat does the new South African smoking law say?

7 Ways to Create Private Deck Spaces

The problem with decks can often be that they are raised above ground level and therefore make homeowners and family members clearly visible to neighbors. Fences already in place may be too low to provide a practical amount of shielding. There are alternatives that can be implemented to provide varying measures of privacy to deck … Read more7 Ways to Create Private Deck Spaces