Egg Drop Contest

Over 150 middle school students gathered for the egg drop contest.  At 8:00AM, the 6th graders were smiling and their parents were taking pictures when the whistle blew for the contest to begin.  At 8:10AM, the first volunteer stepped forward. Suzie was a petit dark haired girl with pigtails.  She approached the launch queen (the … Read moreEgg Drop Contest

Chicago-American Craft Beer Week events – Saturday, May 21

Again, a lot of these events may be restricted to those of those holding Chicago Craft Beer Week passports. The passports are listed as available for $10 at participating venues. But some places just might hand one out for free, if you know how to work good beer karma. Celebrate Hyde Park Beer GardenKimbark Beverage … Read moreChicago-American Craft Beer Week events – Saturday, May 21

How to Start a Used Bookstore for Under $1,000

Are you thinking of starting a bookstore, but are wondering how to do this without financially crippling yourself or the business. There is a way to start a bookstore with less than $1,000. Here is how it can be done. The Business of Books Are you looking to start a bookstore business but think it’s … Read moreHow to Start a Used Bookstore for Under $1,000

The Pregnant Onion

Ornithogalum longibracteatum is the other name for this lovely onion looking plant.  Years ago, on Sunday mornings, I had the pleasure of going to a magical place.  It was called the Goleta Swap Meet and was in a huge open space otherwise used as a Drive-In Movie Theatre.  Mostly, I looked for vintage clothing, hats, … Read moreThe Pregnant Onion

Landscape architecture awards.

Columbarium Memorial Garden, bluestone bluestone, common name for the blue, crystalline heptahydrate of cupric sulfate called chalcanthite, a minor ore of copper. It also refers to a fine-grained, light to dark colored blue-gray sandstone.  pavement. Japanese holly, rhododendron rhododendron (rō’dədĕn`drən) [Gr.,=rose tree], any plant of the genus Rhododendron, shrubs of the family Ericaceae (heath family) found chiefly in … Read moreLandscape architecture awards.