Flagstone paver is a generic term. Flagstone pavers are actually flat slabs of paving natural stone material. It is mainly sourced from a stone quarry. These stone pavers can be easily cut into slabs. These are popular amongst residential sectors and their use in commercial sector is not so popular. These stones are installed as … Read moreFlagstone

The Different Varieties of Patio Covers

Patio covers are available in the market in hundreds of varieties. Patio covers will protect your patio from nature. They include canopies, awnings & furniture covers. Permanent covers include pergolas, arbors & gazebos. Removable ones include retractable awnings, umbrellas & fabric canopies. Before buying, you must decide the size & shape. Canopies are versatile types, … Read moreThe Different Varieties of Patio Covers

You Have Many Options For a New Patio Material

Constructing a new patio this summer or redoing an old one will present you with a lot of choices for materials. Each one of them has its advantages and drawbacks but they will all go a long way of contributing to a beautiful patio. Anyone who lives in a climate that is cold in the … Read moreYou Have Many Options For a New Patio Material

Flagstone installation tips

Flagstone is uncut sedimentary rock with a naturally flat surface. The most common types are limestone, sandstone, shale and slate. You can purchase flagstone from home and garden stores which will carry the more popular types or visit a stone supply yard which will have more of a variety from which to choose. Flagstone is … Read moreFlagstone installation tips