Ending the Search for Patio Sets Made from Recycled Material

Interested in patio sets made from recycled material? Consider PolyWood patio furniture. PolyWood products are made from recycled HDPE plastics converted to what is now known as plastic lumber or poly lumber, ideal for any kind of climate, scenery or weather. Discover the eco and practical benefits. How PolyWood Furniture is Made In ending the … Read moreEnding the Search for Patio Sets Made from Recycled Material

Get Expert Planting Advice from the Local Garden Center

Every spring people take to their backyards looking for ways to beautify their surroundings. Many people have a lot of ambition but unfortunately little knowledge on how to select and grow plants that will fare well in their climate. Thankfully local garden centers can be relied upon to assist people with their gardening questions. There … Read moreGet Expert Planting Advice from the Local Garden Center

Sealing Your Patio Pavers – 11 Keys to Successfully Sealing Your Patio

When my neighbor first decided to install a paver-block patio behind his home, he chose paver stones for several good reasons. He thought they would last longer than other materials like wood, or poured concrete, he thought they had a really “rich” elegant look to them and most of all, he thought that they would be maintenance free. Well, he almost had it right. They do look great and they’re incredibly durable, but it wasn’t long before he learned that they aren’t completely maintenance free.

After several seasons of rain, snow and sun, the patio just didn’t look as good as it first did when he had it installed. The sun was beginning to fade the color in some areas, the sand between the stones had been washed away by the rains and weeds had started growing in the gaps between the pavers. He even began to see ant colonies beginning to form using his precious paver sand as their new home.

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Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Backyard patio design ideas are plentiful and abundant and highly specific to the tastes of the individual. Some people like their backyard patios to be designed for functionality, some want the most beautiful garden oasis you could imagine, other patio design plan center around leisure or relaxation. Whatever backyard patio designs you value the most you should take the time to research a number of design ideas to completely exhaust your options. Once you have a large array of design plans available you can pick and choose exactly what you want.

How To Design A Backyard Patio

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Patio Designs

Creative patio design ideas are very much in demand because a patio is a great place for family gathering or spending some time under the sun. Designing a patio can be easily done by yourself but the most important factor before you begin is the budget. Another important aspect you have to consider when designing … Read morePatio Designs

How To Clean Patio Furniture

There are many different types of materials used for the construction of outdoor patio furniture. Wrought Aluminum, Plastic, Cast Aluminum, Tubular Aluminum, Wicker and Teak are a few of the main materials in patio garden furniture. Aluminum is very popular because it is durable and does not require too much care. Since it generally will … Read moreHow To Clean Patio Furniture

Today, You Do Not Need Greenwood Tree, Offset Patio Umbrella Can Offer Better Shade

“Under the greenwood tree, who loves to lie with me“- so sang the bard; but that was quite a few centuries ago. Today, offset umbrellas and shade sails have taken their place and people lie under them as they imbibe all that the nature has to offer. With number of big trees dwindling every minute, … Read moreToday, You Do Not Need Greenwood Tree, Offset Patio Umbrella Can Offer Better Shade

My Martha Stewart Patio Furniture Collection Review

Many people don’t reap the full benefits that the great outdoors can bring. Having a picnic outside or curling up with a great book can be very relaxing and calming that you can engage in at home in your own backyard. When you take the time to make your own backyard a peaceful retreat it … Read moreMy Martha Stewart Patio Furniture Collection Review

Why Should You Choose Teak Patio Furniture?

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the beauty of teak patio furniture. This is particularly true for those people who care more about the quality of their wooden patio furniture rather than the quantity of it. Teak is an elegant and long lasting wood which grows mostly in Burma, Indonesia and other exotic … Read moreWhy Should You Choose Teak Patio Furniture?

Nine Tips for Decorating Your Backyard with New Outdoor Furniture

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