Egg Drop Contest

Over 150 middle school students gathered for the egg drop contest.  At 8:00AM, the 6th graders were smiling and their parents were taking pictures when the whistle blew for the contest to begin.  At 8:10AM, the first volunteer stepped forward. Suzie was a petit dark haired girl with pigtails.  She approached the launch queen (the … Read moreEgg Drop Contest

Chicago-American Craft Beer Week events – Saturday, May 21

Again, a lot of these events may be restricted to those of those holding Chicago Craft Beer Week passports. The passports are listed as available for $10 at participating venues. But some places just might hand one out for free, if you know how to work good beer karma. Celebrate Hyde Park Beer GardenKimbark Beverage … Read moreChicago-American Craft Beer Week events – Saturday, May 21

The new smoking law in South Africa

According the World Health Organisation (WHO) tobacco kills half of those who use it and it estimates that about 700 million children or almost half of the world’s children inhale air polluted by tobacco smoke. The new South Africans laws strengthen existing legislation on smoking in public places, regulating the manufacture of tobacco products, the … Read moreThe new smoking law in South Africa

Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

The amount of baby stuff that comes with a newborn can be quite a shock to new parents. It doesn’t help that you need to stock up on things like diapers and wipes so you’re always prepared for those unexpected baby messes. Especially when things happen in the middle of the night. With items lying … Read moreStorage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

See Today’s Best Home Design Ideas

thanks to When it comes to home décor, where do you get your inspiration? At one “inspired home” in Atlanta, the interior design comes from the pages of top magazines, with furniture and accessories demonstrating today’s best thinking in home design trends. One of America’s top interior designers, Patricia Crowl, decorated each room of the … Read moreSee Today’s Best Home Design Ideas

Dining out

Integration and inclusion are important aspects of the personal growth of individuals with autism. Advocates rally for schools and businesses to open their doors to accommodate the requirements of people on the spectrum – this leap begins with a family allowing a person with autism (PWA) the benefit of experiencing every day life in the … Read moreDining out

That pay could not be found!

We can’ t find that pay on our site, but we can try to help you find what you’ re looking for. Search GoArticles Recent GoArticles Easily Cleaning Up Spilled Chocolate Milk on Your Area Rug John S. (2013-10-03) Kids love milk but some can get very tired of the be me old taste again … Read moreThat pay could not be found!

What does the new South African smoking law say?

And what you can do to help with the cigarette butt problem. This is an important notification regarding a new Tobacco Law that has been passed. Contained below is a summary of the amendments to the Tobacco Law, which was passed on 31st of August 2009. (Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act, No. 23 of 2007) … Read moreWhat does the new South African smoking law say?