Chicago-American Craft Beer Week events – Saturday, May 21

; as well as 8-10 Fizz residence draft beers as well as a couple of pick mixtures from some of Chicago’s preferred house makers.-Pub 217, 219 E. Chicago St. Elgin IL -LRB-847-RRB- 468-8810 Elgin Public House is bringing a preference of Chicagos Craft Beer week to the western suburban areas! Ticket owners ONLY will certainly be … Read more

Ideas for Beauty in the Garden with Garden Paths

original Garden paths can be completely natural or feature a combination of natural elements and man-made items. Some are made of stones of all sizes, and with borders created from everything from metal, to wood, to plastic, and even more stones. They can be simple, such as mulch or gravel, or complicated pieces of art … Read more

Steps on How to Mix Recycled Glass and Concrete

Have you ever wondered how to mix recycled glass and concrete? You may have seen those trendy counter tops with glass chips embedded into them and thought them quite stylish. This article will show you the basics of mixing glass and concrete for just such a project. Why Do It Yourself? You’ve probably seen glass … Read more

How to remove mold and mildew from canvas

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go camping or breaking out your summer gear only to find mold or mildew removal is in order. No matter how good a job I think I do every year when putting up the gear something seems to slip through the cracks and allow mold and or mildew … Read more