How To Cut Pavers Correctly

  I’m going to show you the way to cut pavers. The tools I’ll need for this is angle grinder, measuring tape, pencil, a rubber mallet, various safety gear, a balsa chisel, and a hammer, and I Have got a cutting board so that I can place the paver on the board so that I … Read more

How To Install A Stone, Paver Or Brick Garden Path Or Patio

Pavers, brick, and also rock could be dry-laid over a bed of sand by a resident without problem. In locations where no frost heave takes place, you could lay huge rocks straight over small dirt if demand be. Right here we provide a standard detailed means to set up bricks, pavers, and also rocks to … Read more

How To Install A Stone, Paver Or Brick Garden Path Or Patio Over Packed Sand

Right here we provide a standard detailed method to set up rocks, bricks, and also pavers to make a yard, pathway, or outdoor patio course. Pavers, brick, as well as rock could be dry-laid over a bed of sand by a resident without trouble. In geographic areas where no frost heave happens, you could lay … Read more

Installing Your Own Brick Walkway

Many of the tools that you will need to install your own brick or paved walkway are common to any home maintenance project. If you have a yard, then you might already have a garden hose, rake, shovel, and trowel. It’s necessary have safety goggles and hardwearing gloves for this, and a broom, hammer or … Read more

How to Build a Cinder Block or Concrete Block Retaining Wall

There was a time when cinder block retaining walls were all the rage. That was during post-war American building boom fifty years ago. Times have changed, and now these utilitarian walls more typically adorn commercial sites. Somewhere in between, the use of once-popular cinder block lost ground to the more contemporary “concrete block.” With the … Read more

How to build a cinder block retaining wall

“Cinder block?” Why would you want to build your retaining wall out of cinder block?”  “I like cinder block better, it’s lighter to work with than concrete blocks, and won’t rot like timbers do”. “But for a retaining wall? You want heavy block for a retaining wall, don’t you?” When considering building a retaining wall … Read more

How To Build A Patio Cover

If willing to experiment and build a Patio Cover, hammer out questions as to why you need a Patio Cover, for what purpose, whether it would be painted or made with wood, prefabricated aluminum or PVC, and if permission is required from state or city authorities. Remember that a patio is an extension of the … Read more

How to Build a Patio Awning

On a hot summer day, sitting on a patio or a deck can get really uncomfortable as you’re sweating away and getting burnt by the sun. It’s nice to relax in the sun at times, but having the option of sitting in the shade is a nice luxury. It can cost a couple thousand dollars … Read more

Mosaic Tabletop – DIY with Bondera – Photos

Updated Nov 15, 2011 This is a photo tutorial – if you ever wanted to mosaic an old or new table, check out this easy, quick and most of all really fun little project! Pretty and practical – a glass tile, mosaic table top. Would you believe it took me only 30 minutes to complete – including the grouting! … Read more