Flagstone Patio Installation Tips 2016

The first thing you need to know about when building a flagstone patio is the materials which you are going to be using. When cutting flagstone, you’ll be faced with a handful of challenges. When laying flagstone for a patio or walkway, there are specific steps which you want to take as a way to … Read more

How to Install a Flagstone Paver Patio

The first thing you must understand about when developing a flagstone patio is the stuff that you will be using. When cutting flagstone, you’ll be confronted with a small number of challenges. You will find special measures which you wish to take as a method to finish the project when setting flagstone to get a … Read more

Build a Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio Review

via Are you planning on laying a flagstone patio or walkway this summer? If you are then it’s important you know exactly what your doing. There are many important steps you need to know before even attempting to lay your own flagstone patio. Not knowing these steps can quickly turn your weekend project into a … Read more

Setting Up Work For A CNC Machine

So you want to set up work for use on a cnc machine? Well there are some important steps to go to when setting up your work for a cnc machine. Below I will give you some steps on setting up everything and some of the common mistakes people make when doing so: 1. Decide … Read more