The Purpose of a Replacement Cost Estimator

Insurers use various means to calculate the replacement cost of a dwelling to determine the how much it will cost to completely replace a dwelling. One tool they have at their disposal is the use of a replacement cost estimator. A replacement cost estimator is also known as a repair cost estimator. Overview There are … Read moreThe Purpose of a Replacement Cost Estimator

Christmas Yard Lights and Decorations

Christmas Yard Decorations Using outside Christmas yard decorations during the holiday season is a great way to share the fun and festivity. There are a lot of different types of holiday yard lights and decorations that you can buy to put up on the porch, garage, and other places in the yard as a way … Read moreChristmas Yard Lights and Decorations

Recycled Craft Projects – Ideas For Making Homemade Crafts Out Of Garbage

In this day and age, landfills are becoming over filled and anything we can do to help with recycling makes a difference. One great way to recycle is to make homemade crafts using things you would normally throw away. Before throwing something away, think to yourself: can this be used again in a craft project? … Read moreRecycled Craft Projects – Ideas For Making Homemade Crafts Out Of Garbage

Patio Designs

Creative patio design ideas are very much in demand because a patio is a great place for family gathering or spending some time under the sun. Designing a patio can be easily done by yourself but the most important factor before you begin is the budget. Another important aspect you have to consider when designing … Read morePatio Designs

How to Display Fairy Lights

There are so many ways you can use fairy lights to dress up your home. Fairy lights are so versatile and flexible that you can do many different things with them and use them in a variety of different ways. This article looks at the different ways you can use them in the home and … Read moreHow to Display Fairy Lights

Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

The amount of baby stuff that comes with a newborn can be quite a shock to new parents. It doesn’t help that you need to stock up on things like diapers and wipes so you’re always prepared for those unexpected baby messes. Especially when things happen in the middle of the night. With items lying … Read moreStorage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

Closing in on Decks and Patios

Home improvement projects often start on the inside of your house. But don’t discount the value of creating outdoor “rooms” by enclosing outdoor patios or decks. Enclosing an outdoor patio or deck is a great way to add space to enjoy being outside in all kinds of weather. But it’s also a way to enhance … Read moreClosing in on Decks and Patios

Cultured stone fireplaces

As a title “Cultured Stone Fireplaces” can be a little misleading. No fireplace is going to be made of cultured stone. Surrounds can be stone but the fireplace itself is going to be masonry, an insert or sometimes a prefab material. This article is about the aesthetics of the fireplace and the parts that are … Read moreCultured stone fireplaces

Furnishing Your Patio, Pergola Or Veranda on a Budget

Furnishing a patio, pergola or veranda is a license to have fun, and lots of it. If you’ve ever had an urge to get some truly beautiful furniture, and have been looking for a good excuse, you’ve found it. This is also an opportunity to pick up some real bargains, cheap. You can furnish a … Read moreFurnishing Your Patio, Pergola Or Veranda on a Budget

Cheap and Easy landscaping ideas.

     I love gardening, flowers, plants, beautiful yards, and yes, landscaping. I always lived in apartments, and just recently moved to a house with a huge yard that I could landscape anyway I wanted! But then I thought, h’m…how? I am no professional, heck, I’ve never had a yard of my own before. And the … Read moreCheap and Easy landscaping ideas.