50 Specific Actions of Green Living

When trying to go green at home, these 50 specific actions of green living can help you save energy, save money and save the environment. Find specific actions to take to live greener around the home, in the yard, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the laundry room! Let’s begin to do our … Read more50 Specific Actions of Green Living

How to Remove Moss from your Deck

Moss grows naturally in damp, shady areas. Once established, it can withstand extreme temperatures and regenerates very quickly. That’s why it may be difficult to remove permanently. Obviously, if you have a newer deck where moss has just appeared, you will have a lot less work to do than someone who has an old deck … Read moreHow to Remove Moss from your Deck

Interesting Opossum Facts

Learn about the opossum, an intelligent and fascinating animal with a pouch. Find interesting facts about their behavior, diet, and more. Opossum Facts Description Although opossums look like a big rat, they are actually related to the koala and kangaroo. The opossum (also called possum) is the only marsupial (female with a pouch) in North … Read moreInteresting Opossum Facts

Cheap and Easy landscaping ideas.

     I love gardening, flowers, plants, beautiful yards, and yes, landscaping. I always lived in apartments, and just recently moved to a house with a huge yard that I could landscape anyway I wanted! But then I thought, h’m…how? I am no professional, heck, I’ve never had a yard of my own before. And the … Read moreCheap and Easy landscaping ideas.