100 Great Romantic Ideas

1. Bury a “Time Capsule” together with trinkets, love letters or other romantic sentimental items. Then, draw up a simple map and store it in your safe deposit box. Date the map and decide together when you’ll dig up your romantic treasure. 2. Create a special music disk together of love or fun songs. Have … Read more100 Great Romantic Ideas

Charlie Brown Farms on the Pearblossom Highway

When driving down Highway 138 in the Mojave Desert, you drive through a little town called Littlerock, California.  After seeing nothing but open desert land for miles, it is almost surreal to come upon a settlement of 9,100 residents that specializes in "odd things to buy".   The Silly Tilly sells all sorts of Western Wear and Crafts.   Valley Hungarian Sausage & Meat … Read moreCharlie Brown Farms on the Pearblossom Highway