100 Great Romantic Ideas

1. Bury a “Time Capsule” together with trinkets, love letters or other romantic sentimental items. Then, draw up a simple map and store it in your safe deposit box. Date the map and decide together when you’ll dig up your romantic treasure. 2. Create a special music disk together of love or fun songs. Have … Read more100 Great Romantic Ideas

Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

The amount of baby stuff that comes with a newborn can be quite a shock to new parents. It doesn’t help that you need to stock up on things like diapers and wipes so you’re always prepared for those unexpected baby messes. Especially when things happen in the middle of the night. With items lying … Read moreStorage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Nursery

Make Your Own Deck Planter Boxes

For those with limited garden space or even no space, deck planter boxes give green thumbs more options. For everyone else, planters bring flowers and herbs away from the far reaches of your backyard and up to where the action is, brightening decks with rich color and intoxicating aromas. It’s easy to find and cheap … Read moreMake Your Own Deck Planter Boxes