Methods For Hanging Framed Pictures, Part 2: Hanging Heavy Pictures

In Part 1 of this collection, we recognized exactly how mounted fine art could draw out the appeal in any kind of room, expert or individual. Amateur designers may really feel frightened by the possibility of putting up bigger items. Right here we talk about the procedure of putting up larger images, which merely calls … Read moreMethods For Hanging Framed Pictures, Part 2: Hanging Heavy Pictures

Engraving And Etching – How Prints Are Made

Have you ever walked past a print in the school library or in some art gallery and asked yourself how that print was made? Have you often wondered how it was possible to reproduce the artist’s original design so faithfully? All prints, or printed pictures, are made in one of two ways. First, they may … Read moreEngraving And Etching – How Prints Are Made

Daddy Moves To An Apartment

Divorce is hard, there’s no question about it. Not only has your marriage ended but, most likely, your lifestyle is undergoing some drastic changes also. This is especially true if you are forced to leave the place that was home to you and your family. Depending on your particular situation, you may find that moving … Read moreDaddy Moves To An Apartment

When to use landscaping stones

original Landscaping stone has been used for thousands of years.  Think about castles and their surroundings.  It is durable, beautiful, and  versatile. With a little creativity there are no limits. A quick trip to the quarry will reveal that there are many shapes, sizes and applications. There is flagstone, boulders, builders, slabs and steps to … Read moreWhen to use landscaping stones