Put a Great Finish on Your Concrete

Broom finish, flagstone, color, texture, swirling, and more. All finishes to newly poured concrete. And all finishes anyone can do themselves. Any one of those finishes will give your patio or sidewalk something besides the same old look. The questions are, what do you do and how do you do it? However before we get … Read more

When Confronted With The Question Of How Much To Build You Want To Know The Cost To Build Now

Considering building a new residence? Many folks consider questions like how much to build or what is the cost to build. When looking at building a home, most people wants the most home as they might find affordable. Thus I’m asked these questions of how much to build and what does it cost to build. … Read more

Building a Gunite or Shotcrete Pond? Important Things You Need to Know About Gunite and Shotcrete

You’re probably planning a Shotcrete or Gunite pond, but I bet you do not know what Shotcrete and Gunite are. Come on. Take a guess. If you answered, a sprayed concrete, that would be incorrect. In reality, Shotcrete is an all-inclusive term used for describing the process of spraying concrete or mortar through either a … Read more

How to Find and Use Recycled Corrugated Metal Roofing

A great inexpensive alternative to use when replacing an old roof is recycled corrugated metal. This highly recyclable material dramatically reduces cooling and heating costs. Learn why you should use this form of metal roofing, prices, and where to find suppliers. Green Home Remodeling with Metal Roofing Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or installing … Read more

Options for Covering or Remodeling Drab Concrete Patios

Without a doubt, patios have now become more of an integral part of the home rather than just a concrete pad sitting forlornly in the back yard. But as patios are increasingly used for outdoor dining, BBQ’s or just a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, that old, drab and maybe cracked concrete pad … Read more