How to Achieve Realistic Fake Stone Border Edgers


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Hello everyone from where we only sell 100 percent American-made products and I just wanted into touch base about a thing that’s new and interesting in our yard and garden its own speed and Section here the the full rock Edge edging by DekoRRa and this this stuff is truly sleek I’m these are edging stones are there artificial stone edging rocks and artificial rack edging rocks that seems better and they are actually molded as a piece that is as one and their they’re extremely ill there they are Superb long-lasting arm I I can stand that one of these and it doesn’t and I weigh about you know side does not breaker banned or anything they have got small small staking flanders the Trade takes a great steak and made in the earth and this little lip ears Are the stakes go and then it’s actually really see if they are able to make this photograph bigger here day a these these flanges are actually I am you know that will be hidden by the grass will or mall chers are landscaping rocks were ever use for their I am and The these are actually unique since they could be used to form to form a rings he can can make curves like this or similar to this army can run in straight lines and as they’re all the same blacks it’s all how their how they’re more they Have also the exact same blacks may be used for all these various goals you don’t have to purchase you understand somebody corner bits are much many a straight away and an edge is a sort pieces or one that you can simply only by the skits and use ’em in in whatever kinda formation you desire here they’re being used in an in a straight line this is the the gray color see here here’s a s-curve airs might have an up close Adam texture this isn’t the the They only they only appear unbelievable I mean the the the texturing and also the the color variation merely seems just appears very incredibly rock like these are painted sprayed or anything everything you see here is truly molded in to the to the sides and it is all our Part of a polymer that is injected with with UV inhibitors so these don’t feed or anything they are not gonna get brittle from Freestar you know cracker when that the genuinely design to last a long time in in harsh surroundings here three shades autumn bluffs and 52 inch diameter or stone bungalow grey and again installing these is simple and quick I ‘m and we we we also sell them they here let me show you this first here the scum in 16 edgers per box creates 12 linear feet avenging ring I each Edger weighs long five broad for high so they are actually not difficult to work with you understand you get all other the you get the same the same appearance I have real stone arm but without the the anguish fingernails and the bus And having a lift actual rock mold and mildew and whatnot I am and the substance is are made out of it’s not the glistening that the economical shiny items that you see it garden people make fun stirs you know made in China this is really extremely high -quality and it’s got a real fine density to it so it it does not seem fake a guess is we’re striving to get there I am create professional-quality landscape edging and efficiently and as I was Then year on these these edging stones around the borders and you make a nice small garden place where we had fine or you understand where there is a pomp or back floral there whatever you can transform it with one of these all-inclusive kits as the rock And edging blacks and the Wii guard pre – cut we we got our included we also sell these is Trey were treering mulch kits where again we have the freak out the the edging black and and weed barrier am so you get a 52 inch Diameter circle around your trees once these are there to cora for stone edge edging and so it is perfect for for March and it’s available from from rocks quicker cam we get if you buy buying quietly if and as well some pretty aggressive price rests here



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