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Help with Flagstone Patio?

I want to put down a 500 square foot patio behind my house. I just dug down about 8 inches from the base of the house and have it somewhat level. I was planning on putting down 4 inches of concrete then the flagstone on top. My backyard is pretty sandy dirt, and I have very moderate weather-never snows.

My questions are:
1. Is the 4 inches of concrete below the flagstone overkill?
2. Should I put sometype of base down on the sand-like some type of road base or grit?
3. Can I just use the premix cement to lay each piece of stone on top?


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We use a very ground up form of gravel. It is almost like the roughest sand at a beach. Spread it around a couple inches deep. pack it in good with a tamper. Get the slope you wish. I’d put down some weed fabric maybe or spray it a few times a year. lay the stone on top as you wish. dump more of the fine gravel on top and sweep it in cracks to fill them up. weeds don’t grow in rock much. keep other dirt off of it as much as possible. Gently tamp in the stone. wash it off ready to go. Don’t tip the rocks too much to one side or a gully may appear in hard rains.
  • 1 year ago

Building Flagstone Patio?

I live in Southeastern Oklahoma where the ground cracks from the heat every summer. I am going to build a flagstone patio around our inground pool, but I need to know whether it is better to build the patio on sand and crushed rock, or a concrete bed. Or if it’s better just to use sand and dirt beneath (for the old-world style, moss between the flagstones look – which would be nice)? However I build this, it needs to have excellent drainage and be an even surface for patio furniture. Also, once the flagstone is set, is it better to mortar between the stone? I don’t want everyone getting sand or crushed rock in the pool.
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The best way to go is to lay it on top of a concrete bed. However, if you are on a budget you can place it on top of compacted road base (class 2). You can rent a plate compactor for about $40. Either way around the pool you should put morter in the joints.
  • 2 years ago

Who should fix my flagstone patio?

I had a flagstone patio installed by a licensed contractor almost 2 years ago. The initial circumfrance of the job was 2 feet short of the proposed job(mistake made by the workers). There is now a crack that runs around the entire patio where the mistake was corrected. Do I just live with it or should I call the contractor?

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Check with your local building department, and I am assuming that the contractor refuses to return and make good on the job? Depending on the state you are in, quite often there is a “recovery pool” to access if indeed the work can be proven to have missed the point when it comes to a “workmanlike manner”. If there was a permit involved for the work, ask the local building inspector to come and review the error. Have appropriate documents as to plan and size, so you are standing on firm ground. Let the contractor know that you are taking steps to “explore” his license, and whether it should come under review. Ask an attorney in your state if you have any recourse.


Me. Builder
  • 2 years ago


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