Egg Drop Designs for a Science Project


Are you looking for egg drop designs for your child’s school project? My 14 year old daughter tried several methods using parachutes, balloons, a roll of duct tape (aka duck tape) and each attempt led to a pile of egg goop and a disappointed young lady. The parachute slowed the descent of the egg, but the last 1/4 inch was the same sound — sort of a “crack” and a “thud” mixed together. The balloons, though colorful, popped on impact and so did the egg. The roll of duct tape was a futile attempt to coat this critter in plastic wrap and somehow hoping this would hold the egg firmly together. After the drop, the seeping egg juice made it clear that this approach was not the solution.

And so began our internet search for a solution to our egg drop project. We were fortunate to find many techniques and this project went from a “hey Dad would you help me on my homework for an hour” to a two day trial and error science project. Of all the egg drop designs we found, this one worked the best.

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