Egg Drop Contest

Over 150 middle school students gathered for the egg drop contest.  At 8:00AM, the 6th graders were smiling and their parents were taking pictures when the whistle blew for the contest to begin.  At 8:10AM, the first volunteer stepped forward.

Suzie was a petit dark haired girl with pigtails.  She approached the launch queen (the school principal) and handed over her egg drop container designed by Suzie and her Dad.  Out the 3rd floor window it went and the thud noise left everyone in wonder.  Did the egg inside the container survive?  The bottom left of the container was wet and implied it didn’t.  Suzie picked up her container and the quivering lip brought a quick hug from her Dad.


Next was Tommy, a skinny little guy with spiked blonde hair and his pants drooping down a bit lower than the belt could support.  His design had a parachute, string, and a basket at the bottom.  One of his friends screams “go, go, go Tommy!”  The principal grinned and out the window Tommy’s container went. Did the egg drop without breaking?  Tommy ran to the landing, picked up his basket, and another disappointment for the crowd.  Tommy whispers “stupid contest” and slouches his shoulders as he walks over to his friends.

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